Nail Kalač

English, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Serbian

Hello! My name is Nail Kalač. I live in the beautiful country of Montenegro, located in the south-east of Europe. Growing up in a multidialectal region like the Balkans, I was exposed to different kinds of accents and dialects of my native language, Montenegrin, and was able to pick up dialects of the languages around me (Bosnian, Serbian). However, my love for learning languages did not stop there: when I was 16, I was introduced to the mesmerizing world of fantasy literature (more precisely,

Middle-Earth), and reading novels in English filled me with a sense of awe and admiration. That is when I decided to study English. I have been teaching English since 2017. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from International Burch University in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, in 2017. Furthermore, I received a 120-hour TEFL certificate from TEFL ORG UK in 2019. I have had various teaching experiences, and I am familiar with modern teaching approaches. Previously, I taught at a university (helping students of German, Bosnian and Serbian develop their speaking and listening skills), and I also worked in the local high school (that was a blast). I taught both adult and teenage students, and I am lucky to have helped so many bright minds. I published one short story (it was a cold December day… ), and I want to write a novel one day.

Meeting people from across the globe and learning about their experiences and worldviews is fascinating to me, and I consider myself truly blessed to be a teacher. Language learning is fun! How cool is it that you can describe what you see and feel in a language spoken by billions?! Yes, languages have rules (I know...), but in my classes, you will learn how to properly express yourself and apply those rules without even knowing it! I always encourage my students to be creative and relaxed, and to talk about things they are passionate about. I am really looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your English.


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