LingualMuse is a language-learning program that helps you learn a new language more quickly and efficiently than traditional teaching methods! With 20 languages to choose from and more being added all the time, LingualMuse is here to help you achieve your goal of learning a new language or building your existing skills.

With a 3-part Intro Program for just $74.25 with discount code LINGUAL25 (reg. $99) and classes that are individualized to your unique learning style, LingualMuse offers exactly what you need to learn a new language or improve your language skills in no time.



At LingualMuse, our Intro Program is just $99 and it is formulated to get you paired with the perfect teacher and on the road to success. This convenient 3-part program includes a 15-minute orientation with our Enrollment Advisor who will recommend the perfect Language Coach for your needs, a 30-minute private intro class with that Language Coach, during which they get to know you and develop an understanding of your language level and learning style, and a full, 60-minute class, which will give you the full picture of your language lessons with LingualMuse. This program is an essential part of starting your LingualMuse language journey, and our students consistently tell us how much they appreciate this format.

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One of the best ways to learn a language is through a teacher-student pairing. LingualMuse facilitates this type of learning by allowing you to connect with a Language Coach who can help you learn faster and more effectively. During your $99 Introductory Program, our enrollment advisor will match you with a language coach who best fits your unique goals, schedule availability, learning style, and personality. And if it's not a perfect fit, we'll give you a do-over with someone else!

Book A Pre-Class Meeting With Our Enrollment Advisor

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Another great feature of LingualMuse is the customized language plan. This plan allows you to create a learning path that is tailored specifically for you. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, there is a plan for you on LingualMuse! Our Language Coaches will assess your knowledge and skills to determine your level and abilities upon entering the LingualMuse program.

Sign up for the Intro Program for just $74.25 with discount code LINGUAL25 (reg. $99)