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Q: How Long Will It Take Me To Learn A New Language? ⌛

A: Learning speed varies from student to student and depends on many factors, including frequency of lessons, practice between sessions, and even the language you chose to learn. Our goal at LingualMuse is to optimize your learning potential by determining your best learning methods and tailoring your lesson strategy to achieve the best results.

Q: Does LingualMuse Offer In-Person Lessons? 💻 

A: All LingualMuse lessons are conducted online. This increases lesson consistency and keeps student costs down at the same time. Online instruction offers you the ultimate flexibility. Take your lessons with you wherever you go! You can take classes during your lunch breaks or while on vacation, and you'll never miss a lesson due to travel challenges or bad weather. The flexibility of online instruction is tremendous; you just need access to the internet.

Q: Does LingualMuse Offer Payment Plans? 💸

A: Yes, we do! All of our packages offer a monthly payment option based on a 2x/week lesson schedule. If you have a custom package or taking classes less frequently, we have custom payment plans available. Contact our Enrollment Director for details at

Q: Do I Have To Take Class At The Same Time/day Each Week? 🗓️

A: No. We offer an online calendar where students can schedule classes at a convenient time for them. We understand that for some people, this varies from week to week. Consistency is a very important part of the learning process so we do encourage students to schedule recurring lessons when possible, which also guarantees their favorite day and time.

Q: Can I Take A Class With A Friend Or Family Member? 🧑👨

A: Yes! In fact, having a practice partner will accelerate your learning! Registering for our 90-minute Introductory Program for PARTNERS and you each save 25% off our Introductory Program!

Q: Does LingualMuse Offer Discounts? 💰

A: Yes, we do! You can save up to 50% off the individual class rate by selecting one of our hourly packages. We also offer discounts when participating in a Partner class. Ask us about our military and student discounts as well!

Q: What Happens If I Have To Cancel My Class? 😕

A: Our online calendar allows you to cancel or preferably “reschedule” a class you cannot attend. You may do so without charge as long as any changes are made prior to 24 hours to the class time. As a courtesy, we send reminder communications 26 hours in advance.

Q: Can I Share My LingualMuse Package With Family Members? 🧒🤝👵

A: Yes! You can share your package with family and those you might as well call family like your BFF!

Q: Does LingualMuse Offer Refunds? 💸

A: We do not offer refunds on our packages. Substantial discounts are provided to you for selecting a package. If you can’t find a package that’s comfortable to you, please contact our Enrollment Director to inquire about our custom packages or you may purchase individual lessons. If you have already purchased a package and cannot use the remaining time, you may contact our Enrollment Director at to arrange a gift certificate(s) for your unused time, providing that time has not expired.

Q: How Long Do I Have To Use The Time In My Package? ⌛

A: The time on your package is valid one year from your purchase date. If you have time remaining when you renew your package, all the time in your account is merged and valid one year from the date of your last purchase. Custom packages may be valid for longer than one year.

Q: Can I Take More Than One Language At The Same Time? 🤹

A: You absolutely can, and we have students who have done and are doing that! Depending on your situation, this can be with the same teacher or we can match you with multiple teachers.

Q: Does LingualMuse Offer Gift Cards? 🎁

A: Yes! LingualMuse gift cards make a perfect present for anyone you know who has been hoping to learn a new language or improve their existing language skills. Get one right here!

Q: How Much Homework Is Involved? 📚

A: The quantity of homework is up to you to discuss with your teacher. Let them know your language goals and how much time you can set aside for homework and practice. We also have different types of homework which we can match to your lifestyle.

Q: What If I Want To Try A Different Teacher? 🧑‍🏫

A: An important part of your learning success is finding good synergy with your teacher. The best results happen when you both find a groove in the classroom. This is why we offer Introductory Packages, which include a meeting with our Enrollment Director so we can match you with the best teacher. The first intro lesson also serves as a “Meet & Greet” as we want you to have time to get to know your teacher. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll schedule a “do-over” with another LingualMuse teacher who will be excited to meet you!

q: Can You Answer A Question Not Listed Here? 🙋

A: Of course! You can text chat with a LingualMuse Representative right now by texting MUSE to 26786 (USA only). You can also email us at any of the addresses listed on the contact page, or schedule a FREE call with our Enrollment Director. We look forward to speaking with you!

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