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Maria Elena Malliet

Spanish and English

Hi, my name’s Elena and I’m from a beautiful small town in Argentina.

I've been an English teacher for 20 years now and I'm really passionate about what I do. I work at two secondary schools in my town and own a private institute where we teach English to children, teenagers and adults.

Spanish is my native language. I can also speak a little bit of French.

I truly believe that foreign languages open doors to new perspectives. They allow us to experience the world from a different angle which helps us be more aware of others and more conscious of ourselves. This is why I love being a language educator.

I invite you to explore with me the different patterns, the distinct sounds and the cultural richness of your target language.

Some facts about me:

I’m a mum of 2 and a cat mum, too.

I’m a yoga teacher.

I’m a nature lover.

I enjoy going for long walks while I can listen to my favorite audiobook.

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