Maida Krzović

Croatian and English

Maida Krzović is a Bosnian and Herzegovinian educator, and joins the LingualMuse team with over six years of experience teaching online. She holds degrees from the University of Sarajevo in Art History, English Language and Literature, and Electrical Engineering. Though her many varied experiences in education and social services, she has gained significant mentoring skills in working with individuals and groups. She has experience teaching adults, and as a private tutor of language to high school and college students, which provided her with patience, and willingness to teach the material thoroughly and to adapt to the student’s language level. She considers herself ready for any teaching challenge, and is always willing to gain new skills. In addition to her teaching and engineering skills, Maida is a published poet and author, with poems published in a joint collection of young poets “Compasses in the sea of barrens,” published by association “Metamorfoza,” Sarajevo, 2014, and a short story published in an online magazine ‘Spirit of Bosnia’ and a monograph of Bosnia and Herzegovina “Jedna lijepa avlija.”

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