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Jhansi Udumu

Telugu and English

Hello, everyone! Namaste!

My name is Dr. Jhansi. I’m from India and I live in Andhra Pradesh. I have been working as a University Telugu Lecturer and English to Telugu Translator. I got a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Special Telugu Literature ’ Masters in ‘Telugu literature and got M.Phil, Ph.D degrees in Telugu literature. I have completed my certificate courses in Linguistics & Translation studies and have a Masters degree in English literature also. I’ve been working as a freelance translator since 2018 and have 15 years’ experience in teaching. I’ve been working as an online Telugu teacher since 2019 and I have students of all ages, from four to seventy five years old from across the globe with different professions.

I really love and enjoy my profession. There is always a good opportunity to smile, laugh and have fun with the language. Apart from my teaching, I enjoy writing articles in newspapers regarding the present society and usage of language and present research papers in various national and international seminars. Till now I have forty national and international research papers. I got the ‘Ghana Bhushan’ Award in 2018. At present I am working as a SME (Subject matter expert) for the Tata consultancy services.

I love meeting with friends and relatives, making jokes and laughing out loud. I’m a good counselor for students. Teaching and learning a foreign language is an amazing process through which life turns happier, cultural barriers are broken down, and people become interconnected all over the world. I am thrilled to share my teaching/learning experience with you.

Thank you.

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