Iole Calabrese



I am Italian and I live in beautiful Venice. I majored in Foreign Languages and I have a postgraduate degree in Linguistics for Teaching English (ESL) in Italian school. So, I am a teacher. I am also a tour guide. Surprisingly, teaching and guiding have many aspects in common.

Most importantly, I am a lifelong learner. Throughout the years, for personal or business reasons, I have studied several languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish. Every time I embark on learning a new language, it is like opening a treasure chest, full of shining hidden gems that I never imagined could even exist!

A foreign language is a tool which opens your eyes to a different culture and broadens your horizons. It is not just a set of grammar rules to follow and a precise pronunciation to learn. It is an open window on a little piece of the world. Learning a foreign language is a fascinating journey of exploration of that piece of the world.

So, embark with me on this journey! I would be glad to teach you the charming melodic italiano and to introduce you to the gorgeous and unique Italian culture. Italian is the language of music, of art, of fashion, of love. And Italy surely is a land of beauty.

“There is no doubt that angels in the sky speak Italian” - Thomas Mann

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