Dejan Bogosavljevic

Serbian and Portuguese

I was born in the year of Dragon, 1976, in Kragujevac, a province city in the middle of one of the most passionate regions in Serbia, Šumadija, a region still rich in ancient forests. I grew up and was educated in the small Serbian medieval capital, Kruševac, where nearby myths and legends from Celtic (II a.c.) to traditional poetry from the XIXth century about the Serbian medieval epoque are still alive among people.

From primary school, mostly driven by sports, literature, history and music, I moved to the local Grammar School, department of languages and social sciences. Passionate for languages, I started to involve more in science, both social and natural.

Always amazed by the science behind food, in 1995 I started my studies in the Agricultural Faculty, Belgrade University, in the Department of Food Technology, Plant Programme.

In my later years on the Faculty, as a working group coordinator and vice-president of Belgrade committee of International Association of Agricultural Students, I participated in organizing FAO supported Summer School on Renewable Energy Sources and Student Exchange Programmes. Sustainability became my guideline in professional activities. I spent 2 years in Mozambique as project coordinator and assistant in education and

food security projects. Throughout my work for VIDA-NGO I acquired there a life lasting experience and knowledge on real life necessities.

Since 2005, I have lived and worked in Portugal as a consultant and trainer in the food sector, helping companies in reaching organizational, technological and food safety improvements, and their alignment with the main purpose that is safe and better food in rentable business.

As a certified (from 2007) professional trainer, in all that time I have managed training courses in 3 different languages, Portuguese, English and my mother language, Serbo-Croatian, languages that I speak, read and write fluently.

I use to play guitar with my own band, and wrote some poetry.

I will look for your particular expectations and find a way to meet them. It would be my pleasure to be part of your learning process.

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