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Deanna Kling

Spanish and English

Hola & Hello!

I am Deanna and am so excited to teach you English and/or Spanish.

I was born and raised in Canada until age 8, when I moved with my family to Colombia. When I moved, I didn't speak Spanish, which felt very scary and overwhelming. Despite this, I managed to learn the language and also many things about myself and the culture. It's amazing how our brains are always excited to receive new information – learning anything new is a gift.

After living in Colombia for most of my life, I moved back to Toronto, Canada, to study for my career as an Industrial Designer. I lived and worked there for about 6 years, until I moved again to Colombia where I developed my career as a jewelry designer. What I love the most is practicing the ability to connect with others, and by understanding their story being able to help them create and reach their goal translated in a beautiful piece of art.

I currently live in Chile, while still connecting, embracing and living new experiences every day.

I have learned during my life and also during my career as a designer that as humans, we are POWERFUL beings, full of light and creativity. If you want to learn a new language, nothing is above you.

There is a saying in Latin America that says “Nadie te quita lo bailado” which translates to “Nobody can take away all you have danced”- truly meaning that nobody can take your knowledge or memories away from you.

So I’d love to take this journey with you: let's practice, write, read, make mistakes, “dance”, laugh and LEARN together.

I´ll see you soon!

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