Anna De Nardi


Ciao! My name is Anna De Nardi! I’m italian, I was born in Treviso, a little medieval city in the north of Italy, near Venice. During my teenage years I attended a high school that was mainly focused on the study of languages, as it was what I was most fond of in middle school. Therefore I learnt English, Spanish and French, and studied literature of these three languages, which I absolutely loved. I guess that this might be one of the reasons why I still like to read a lot of novels. I can now speak English fluently and I can easily understand French and Spanish as well.

I am currently living in Trento, a little city in the north of Italy located in the mountains, because I am studying Environmental Engineering in the University of Trento. I started studying this new subject mainly because I wanted to expand my scientific knowledge and because I hope that in the future my work will be effective to prevent disasters coming from climate change.

Other facts about me:

  • I am a swimmer! I started swimming when I was a kid because my mother wanted me to learn how to stay in the water but I never stopped and I even competed during some years

  • I love to cook. I started cooking when I was a teenager because I wanted to help my parents, but eventually I became interested in learning new techniques and new dishes. I am now living alone and I am trying an amazing variety of different and peculiar dishes. So if you want to learn something about Italian gastronomy you can count on me!

  • I love going on difficult hikes in the mountains, not only because of the physical effort it requires but also because of the proximity with nature. I really like letting nature amaze me and that’s the reason why I believe we should all learn to respect it.

E allora? Andiamo!

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