Virginia Cutchin

Mandarin & English

English Team Leader \ Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation

Hello! My English name is Virginia Cutchin. My Chinese name is “ke mei” / 柯玫。 I live in the eastern US and teach English and Mandarin. I call myself an interculturalist, training and coaching people from all over the world about cultural heritage, differences and similarities. I am fortunate to have lived in several countries and traveled to many more; I have also studied several languages. The one that still intrigues me the most is Mandarin, which I have studied and taught for many years! Through all these experiences I have learned that language is more than just words; and that we are all students, and we are all teachers.

I believe in the wholistic approach to teaching language which includes culture, current events and other topics. Language exists in context, and I know that an understanding of that context provides the richest environment in which to embrace the language. Our language learning journey never ends, and I look forward to sharing part of that journey with you!

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