Marta Checko

Polish, German, and English

Cześć, Hallo, Hola!

I’m a first-generation Polish American born and raised in NYC! Growing up bilingual, I had the opportunity to travel since an early age and adopted this passion early , having now been to 15 countries and living in my 5th! I cultivated my polyglot persona by studying Mandarin during my school years, entering Mount Holyoke College without any German knowledge and graduating with High Honors, while also dabbling in French and even Danish for fun. It couldn’t stop there, I took on Spanish in my adulthood and am a part-time digital nomad traveling Central America with my partner and soul dog, Luna with sunny Costa Rica as our base!

For me, it’s not about just learning a new language, it’s unveiling a new form of expression and approach to communication. I am keen on incorporating cultural aspects and engaging in language learning through conversation and exposure of literature, music, film. Regardless of the reason you are pursuing your language study, I will adjust to your goals, preference, and speed with compassion, empathy, and patience.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who builds bridges of connection, creativity and curiosity. As a Business Strategist and Embodiment Coach, I create custom streamline systems and plans to reach the next step of what makes you bloom with ease and in your brightest light. I bring intuitive clarity, intellectual direction and innovative steps to get you to your next milestone.

Life is for exploring, learning and LIVING. I’d love to help you with at least one of those things!

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