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LingualMuse Musings: On Reconnecting with the Language That Got Away

Many of our students didn’t have the greatest experience in school — or at least in their school’s language classes. While these classes were often mandatory (having to get through a certain amount of Spanish in high school is a common example), oftentimes the classes were less about fluency and more about following a certain textbook or passing a certain test.

Grammar was often presented as a chore, and not as the core structure of the language. Vocabulary was there to be drilled, not to enhance self-expression. Students were constrained to certain topics, and, given that they were taking at least half a dozen other classes at the same time, exploring the language outside of those constraints was virtually impossible.

Those students find, years later, that they wish it had been different, that they had had the opportunity to explore the language they took in school in greater depth. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to express myself in that language, to say more than the stock phrases I remember from school?

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Unsurprisingly, that’s what we’re here for! LingualMuse Language Coaches aren’t limited by a school curriculum — we are here to facilitate your language learning journey in whatever way is right for you. Do you still need to learn grammar? Absolutely, but in a way that makes sense to you and strengthens your ability to express yourself. Vocabulary — ditto! You’ll learn to say what you need and want to say. Listening comprehension doesn’t have to just be overhearing two pretend strangers making vacation plans in a café — it’s whatever would be best for you as an individual!

What about schedule, though? In school you had tons of classes, but now you have work and family responsibilities, and fitting a language course into your life might feel daunting. We get that too! In your pre-class meeting (part 1 of the Introductory Program) our Enrollment Director will get a sense of both your lifestyle and your language goals and use this to match you with a Language Coach who can fit into your life and guide you on your path to fluency. This might look like a consistent time or times every week, or not! It really is whatever you need it to be; our goal is to help you reach yours, at any pace that is right for you.

So sign up for the Introductory Program today and see how LingualMuse can help you finally speak the language you wish you’d fully learned in school (or the one you never got to take)!

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