Wala Qam

French, Arabic, Spanish, and English

I was born in Belgium to Palestinian parents, and lived there for a couple of years before we moved back to Palestine. Growing up in the heart of the Arab world made it easy for me to learn a lot of different Arabic dialects. I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian. I studied Turkish, German and Hebrew basics. Knowing several languages makes it easy for me to communicate with people from different cultures. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from An-Najah National University in Palestine. I hold a DALF C1 certificate, and I am an accredited examiner and marker for oral and written DELF examinations.

I was honored to receive the French Government’s scholarship for 2016-2018. I did two different programs at ITIRI - the University of Strasbourg, France. I now hold a master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation as well as another University degree in the same domain. I would be glad to teach you Arabic (classical, modern standard or Levantine), English, French, or Spanish and work on subjects of your choice and interest. I believe the key for a good communication, besides language skills, is mutual respect regardless our differences! :)

Some facts about me:

  • - I keep a big smile, even when I am not at my best.
  • - Hobbies: writing poetry, gaming, painting and drawing.
  • - I am a skater girl in a place where women do not ride a bike.
  • - I am very interested in minimalism, recycling and zero waste projects.
  • - I’ve always enjoyed learning new vocabulary from dictionaries... what a hobby!
  • - I have experience in teaching ever since I was a kid... You can ask my teddy bears! =P
  • - I have a GPS in my brain... not the Global Positioning System, but the Grammar Pedantry Syndrome =P

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